Our Helper! The Holy Spirit!

    Abide- 6   TITLE: Our Helper! The Holy Spirit! TEXT: John 14:15-31 TONE: Encouragement TARGET: Believers TASK: To encourage believers to live a life of love (i.e. ‘obedience’) through the power of the Holy Spirit. TEACH: My wife is my helper. I’m always better when I’m with her. I witness better when I’m with her, I preach better when I’m with her. I pray better when I’m with her. I love being with her. Yet, I have a greater helper and that is the Person of the Holy Spirit. He is my Advocate and my Helper, my Comforter. TRUTH: At the beginning of the Farewell Discourse Jesus provided His disciples with a real life illustration of love. Love is a choice, an action, empowered by the Holy Spirit. The hallmark of genuine love is obedience. Those who are genuinely saved will respond in submission and service unto Christ. Yet, this life of loving obedience is impossible apart from the Spirit’s presence in our lives. He is our Helper!   There are s

Up From the Grave He Arose!

    Passion- 6   TITLE: Up From the Grave He Arose! TEXT: John 20 TONE: Celebration TARGET: Believers TASK: To explain the nature, power, and imperative of the resurrection. TEACH: Some of you here may remember Charlie Chaplin, a British comedian who made a bog name for himself decades agon in the days of silent movies. He dies in December 1977 at the age of 88 and was buried in a cemetery in Switzerland. However, just two months later, his body was missing from the grave. Various rumors began to circulate about the missing body. One Hollywood report suggest that it had been dug up because of Charlie Chaplin was a Jew buried in a gentile cemetery.     The truth about the missing body was revealed only 11 weeks later. It had been stolen by a two mechanics who demanded a ransom of 400,000 pounds for its return. The Chaplin family refused to pay the ransom and had kept silent about the matter as the Swiss police conducted investigations to find the grav

One Sacrificed for All

      Passion -5   TITLE: One Sacrificed for All TEXT: John 18:28-19:37 TONE: Somber TARGET: All TASK: To exhort my listeners to take up their cross and follow Christ because of His cross. TEACH: Years ago, I took a mission to a coastal city in Mexico. I could smell the salty sea breeze as the fisherman were unloading their catch from the boats. The sound of seagulls filled the air as they would swoop down, hoping for a stray fish or two. I saw groups of fishermen working together to mend their fishing nets, each person skillfully weaving and repairing the intricate mesh. Their weathered hands move with practiced precision, a testament to the years spent at sea braving the elements. As I walked by, I saw small fishing boats bobbing gently in the water, their patched-up hulls telling stories of countless voyages and adventures on the open sea. As I walked out on the dock, the wood beneath my feet began to creak. I looked down and saw the wood stained by