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Redemption drama and the Spirit

    Abide-10   TITLE: Redemption drama and the Spirit TEXT: John 16:5-15 TONE: Encouragement TARGET: Believers TASK: To encourage believers to rely fully upon the Holy Spirit as God’s plan of redemption unfolds perfectly. TEACH: Last week, our evangelism teams had the opportunity to partner with Shields Blvd Baptist in their evangelism efforts. It was truly a humbling and rewarding experience to witness God at work in the lives of those we encountered. Our efforts included 48 meaningful contacts, we shared the gospel 21 times, and rejoice as we saw 7 people make profession of faith in CHRIST. Of course, all the glory belongs to God for the success of our mission endeavors. We recognize that apart from His guidance, provision, and transformative power, our efforts would have been in vain. We stand in awe of His faithfulness and grace, which enabled us to step our in faith, follow the plan laid before us, and witness the life-changing. Impact of shari

Christians and their Relationship to the World

      Abide-9   TITLE: Christians and their Relationship to the World. TEXT: John 15:18-16:1-4 TONE: Encouragement TARGET: Believers TASK: To encourage believers to expect opposition from the world, as they seek to live separate from the world. TEACH:   ADDRESSING a national seminar of Southern Baptist leaders, George Gallup said, “we find there is very little difference in ethical behavior between churchgoers and those who are not active religiously…The levels of lying, cheating, and stealing are remarkable similar in both groups. Eight out of ten Americans consider themselves Christians, Gallup said, “yet only about half of them could identify the person who gave the Sermon on the Mount, and fewer still could recall five of the ten commandments. Only two in ten said they would be willing to suffer for their faith. [1]   Yet, in this section we see the Christians relationship to the world.   TRUTH: These section is highlighted by two impor

Standing, Abiding, and Prevailing in Christ

    Abide-8   TITLE: Standing, Abiding, and Prevailing in Christ. TEXT: John 15:12-17 TONE: Encouragement TARGET: Believers TASK: To encourage believers to continually abide in Christ. TEACH: Ruth was a Moabite woman who married one of Naomi’s sons, but tragedy struck when both her husbands and brother-in-law passed away, leaving Naomi a widow in a foreign land. Despite the difficult circumstances, Ruth close to stay by Naomi’s side and accompany her mother-in-law. In Bethlehem, Ruth gleaned in the fields to provide for Naomi and herself, catching the eye of Boaz, a wealthy landowner and relative of Naomi. Boaz showed kindness to Ruth, eventually leading to their marriage and the redemption of Naomi’s family line. Through her unwavering faith, sacrificial love, and humility, Ruth became a shining example of standing firm in her new identity , living a life of obedience to God’s revealed will , and prevailing upon Naomi to go. Ruth’s example will serve as our illustrat