Are You Ready?

TEXT: Matthew 13:47-52

TONE: Warning

TARGET: Unbelievers

TASK: To warn unbelievers about the coming judgment of God.

TEACH: Let me ask you a question. What will matter the most one hundred years from now? (My testimony) Think of what is on your mind. Maybe you are worried about something that needs to be done before the day is over. Perhaps you have you have something pressing this week, that’s on your mind. In reality, you could a 100 answers to this question.

But one hundred years from now all that is going to matter is if your saved or not. With this simple parable Jesus gets right to the heart of the matter. He highlighted the single most fundamental issue and decision we face in life and reminded us all of the most dreadful possibility -the possibility of being eternally lost. In this parable Jesus reaffirmed His view of hell.

TRUTH: Let me summarize for you what the parable of the fishing net teaches:

I. First, the net represents the application or effect of the Kingdom.

II. Second, not all who are caught in the net are saved.

III. Third, we learn there is only two categories of people.

IV. Finally, the parable teaches that the wicked are eternally lost.

            a. The Last Judgment is…

1. Certain

2. Universal

3. Final

4. Fearful: Hell is where no one had anything in common with anybody else except the fact that they all hate one another and cannot get away from one another and from themselves.

They are all thrown together in their fire and each one tries to thrust the others away from him with a huge, impotent hatred. And the reason why they want to be free of one another is not so much that they hate what they see in others, but what others see in them. For all recognize one another only by the depravity of their willful sin. They all recognize in one another what they detest in themselves, selfishness, and impotence, agony, terror, and despair.

The tree is known by its fruit. If you want to understand the social and political history of modern man, study hell.

Our God also is a consuming fire. And if we, by love, become transformed into Him and burn as He burns, His fire will be our everlasting joy. But if we refuse His love and remain in coldness of sin and opposition to Him and to other men then will His fire become our everlasting enemy, and Love, instead of being our joy, will become our torment and our destruction. -Thomas Merton

5. Hopeful: Glorification, New Heavens New Earth.

TAKE-AWAY: At this time we cannot separate the good fish from the bad. Our task is fishing for souls, and we must leave it up to God to separate the good from the bad at the final judgment. However, we must also warn the wicked of the future eternal punishment that awaits as a result of their evil deeds.

TIE-UP: What is going to matter one hundred years from now.


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