Laying and Leaving a Legacy of Lordship




TITLE: Laying and Leaving a Legacy of Lordship

TEXT: John 13:1-20

TONE: Encouragement

TARGET: Believers

TASK: To encourage believers to live and leave a legacy that bears witness to the Lordship of Christ.

TEACH: The story of Ron Cruse and how he was moved by a sermon. He left a legacy of healing.

TRUTH: This passage depicts the immense love and humility Jesus displayed during His final moments with His disciples. As we delve into this text, we will focus on three key themes: the Light of Love, the Lessons of Humility, and the Legacy of Service. Let us be attentive to God's Word and allow Him to illuminate our hearts with His transformative truth.


John has now brought his audience to the climatic Passover, the night on which Jesus will be betrayed, and this scene take place before the meal that very night.


If you want to lay and leave a legacy of Lordship, then:


I.  Walk in the Light of the Christ Love.


A.    Everything in 13:1-3 is calculated to make verses 4-5 shocking. John first tallies up the reasons why Jesus should be served (vv.1-3) before showing Jesus instead humbling himself and serving those who should have served him.


B.   The Depth of Jesus' Love: To our great surprise the highest makes Himself the lowest. John also contrasts the light of the love of Jesus with that of the darkness of a damned Judas. This allows John to juxtapose his description of the best man who has ever lived (v.1) with a description of the most evil instigator of the most treacherous act ever committed (v.2). This sets the beauty of Christ love against ugliness of evil.


Illustration: Throughout history, many Christians have embodied this message of love for enemies. One notable example is Stephen, who was stoned to death for his Christian faith. As he faced death, he prayed, "Lord, do not hold this sin against them" (Acts 7:60), showing a steadfast love and forgiveness towards those who were persecuting him.


II. Learn the Lessons of Christ Humility.


A.    Jesus' Humble Act as an Example: The significance of foot washing: Jesus' act of washing His disciples' feet encompassed far more than mere physical cleansing. It symbolized the humility every disciple should embody in their relationships with others.


B.    Countering Cultural Norms: The understanding of social status: In Jesus' time, foot washing was a task reserved for household servants. Jesus subverted societal expectations by voluntarily performing this duty Himself.


Illustration: In the Book of Exodus, Moses is chosen by God to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt and guide them toward the Promised Land. Despite being raised as an Egyptian prince, Moses humbly accepted his calling and demonstrated humility throughout his journey.


III. Follow the Likeness of Christ Service:

A.    Overcoming Spiritual Invalidation: Jesus' response to Peter's resistance: Initially troubled by Jesus washing his feet, Peter grows to understand the importance of accepting Jesus' humble service. Peter was appalled that his Messiah, the king from David’s line, the best person he has ever know, would stoop to such a task, Peter asserts that he will never permit it v.8. Peter does not understand because he is focused on the physical and not the spiritual -the symbolic significance.


B.    Inviting Discipleship through Service: Following Christ's example: Jesus urged His disciples to follow His servant-hearted example, suggesting that true greatness lies not in power or position, but in serving others.


Illustration: In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus challenges his listeners to grasp the true meaning of loving one's neighbor, regardless of social, religious, or ethnic differences. The Samaritan exemplified selfless love and compassion by sacrificing his time, resources, and personal prejudices to help someone in need, showing mercy and hospitality.


As we conclude our exploration of John 13:1-20, let us remember the illuminated path Jesus laid before us through His actions and teachings. Let us be guided by the Light of Love — the sacrificial love Jesus displayed, the Lessons of Humility — embracing servant-heartedness in our relationships, and the Legacy of Service — committing ourselves to impact the world for His glory. May our lives be transformed by this message, allowing us to shine as beacons of Christ's love in a darkened world. In Jesus' name, Amen.


This is how you lay a legacy and leave a legacy of Lordship.


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